IWT : Idea Web Tracking

In order to avoid the risks often observed in shipping industrial equipment intended for export

    → Estimated traceability of equipment from the moment it is made available by suppliers
        until unpacking on site
    → Lack of information on the location of equipment throughout the logistic chain
    → Lack of reliability in drafting packing documents
    → Discrepancies between packing documents and the actual contents of packages

We offer you the advantages of Idea Web Tracking :

    → Standardisation by contract and reliability for all documentation
    → Definition and compliance with an operational procedure
    → Documentation of the packer's responsibility from receipt of equipment into their
    → Real time monitoring of the equipment from the moment it is made available until
        delivery to the assembly site
    → Reduced times required for creating and sending packing documents
    → Reliable inspection of packages during unpacking on site
    → Risk of missing items or packing errors minimised (Assistance with unpacking)
    → Simple, multi-criterion search options
    → Statistics

Computer-based advantages :

    → Continually developing project management software
    → Control of fast, reliable information using bar codes
    → Documents issued in standard format
    → Location VIA INTERNET
    → Accessible VIA INTERNET in real time

Download IWT specs.