Project follow up

Our IWT project management software has been developed on the basis of four objectives

    → Follow up of equipment orders
    → Equipment packaging
    → Shipping of packages
    → Unpacking on the final site

1. Follow up of equipment orders

    → Set up alerts for issuing reminders
    → Sending letters or e-mails as reminders to suppliers
    → Creation of an EXCEL form for entering part lists by suppliers

2. Packaging

    → Issuing of bar code labels for identifying equipment
    → Managing missing items of equipment during receipt and unpacking of equipment
    → Creating a customised packing list document

3. Shipments

    → Assignment of packages in shipments with information about embarkation points,
        shipment dates and receipt dates for crates at the final destination.
    → Management of unshipped packages

4. Unpacking on the final site

    → Creation of a complete database for the contract covering all packed equipment
        assigned to the shipments. Database accessible by Internet
    → Management of missing items recorded during unpacking at the final destination

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